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Social Media is the Final Frontier of Advertising

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I do a lot of internet browsing. I’m always on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I even spend a decent amount of time on Tumblr and Reddit. I run blogs, I reblog, I retweet, I like, and I share, just like every other person with a smart phone and internet connection. As an avid consumer of regular internet content, there is one thing that all social media platforms have in common: ads.

During the advent of Tumblr ads, users lost their minds. “We don’t want ads!” the masses cried. “You’re ruining our uninterrupted meme-filled browsing!” But that didn’t stop the advertisements from coming, and to be quite honest, nobody really expected it to. Now my Tumblr dashboard has the occasional advertisement in it and I just keep scrolling. The truth is, advertising is everywhere, and we’re so used to it that we don’t even realize we’re consuming it half the time.

I’ve clicked on more Facebook ads than I can count. I’ve fallen into the pit of activated coconut charcoal and brushed my teeth with it. I’m addicted to bath bombs with huge sparkly rings waiting for me in the middle.

The truth is: social media advertising works. My Facebook account knows I love bubble baths and nice skin, so the algorithm is always shuffling more beauty related ads into my news feed. YouTube knows I love watching drag queens do their makeup, so I’m constantly seeing ads for fake eyelashes and mascara. Instagram knows I love my cat more than life itself, so it’s always recommending pet accounts for me to follow.

My cat has her own Instagram account, and I can boost her followers any time I want. Just a few dollars to buy followers and make my cat famous to thousands of strangers on the internet who also love cats. If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my extensive time on social media, it’s that it’s easy to gain followers and likes. I have over 700 followers on Tumblr, my pages on Facebook get more traffic every day, and honestly, if it’s this easy for me, it has to be at least this easy for professionals putting in extensive effort into social media in order to promote their businesses. If I can get strangers on the internet to like a picture of my cat lying on her back looking like a pancake on my back porch, then any company not taking advantage of social media marketing is going to seriously fall behind in their industry.

More than anything, social media is fun. It lets you develop and maintain a personality, and for a business and unique brand, this is definitely a good thing. If you’ve ever followed a Wendy’s thread on Twitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing more charming and interesting than two fast-food giants engaging in a text-only rap battle. If you want consumers to engage with you on social media, the final frontier of advertising and marketing, then make sure you have a unique voice.