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Why Social Media Marketing is a Must

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For any business, no matter the size, a presence on social media is nearly mandatory. Today’s average consumer leads a public life on the internet, and the most effective way to advertise to this consumer is to invest in the market your product or services to them via social media. Not only will social media marketing directly expose your company to single users, but these users can also share your advertisement with their friends, which has exponential potential marketing-wise. Social media marketing, in effect, pays for itself over and over.

Social media marketing is probably the least stressful marketing platform at this point because we’re well into the Age of the Internet. Investing in a social media presence for your company is work, but it’s not near as much work as producing print ads, scheduling photo shoots, and filming professional commercials. For a small company, a one-man social media army is all you need. For a larger company, you still only need a moderately sized team.

Social media is also an extremely cost-effective way to build a customer base. If you find that advertising through visual mediums works best for you and your business, for instance, if you are a restaurant or a photographer, it costs nothing to run an Instagram page where you can post and caption your photos. There is even a market for buying Instagram followers and post likes. Buying Instagram followers expands your reach on social media, and once you have a decent amount of followers who are liking and sharing your posts, traffic on your page tends to increase by itself.

While social media holds many opportunities for businesses to advertise and increase their following, it’s important to know that interacting with your social media follower-base is important. You must keep your content consistently updated, follow your follower back on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and post interactive material. Many social media platforms allow you to post surveys, but you can also ask your follows questions and have them answer in the comments.

Another huge benefit of social media marketing is that you get targeted traffic. People on social media followers what they’re interested in. If you have a presence on their preferred social media platform, consumers will be driven by other users, advertisements, and pages to your social media account. Facebook lets users know when their friends like or follow something, and are able to do minimal research on the page before deciding if they want to follow it too. As a business, you do a fraction of the work and are able to get miles more traction out of it. The people you want to target are going to see you first.

Probably most importantly, social media allows you to interact with and listen to your audience. Customers will tell you what they want as soon as you want it, and the sooner you know what they want, the sooner you can give it to them.